Perforated Bricks

Perforated Bricks Outside Wall
Size: 225x150x100 mm

Perforated Bricks Partition Wall
Size: 225x150x75 mm

Perforated Bricks Wall of 225x150x100 mm
Size: 225x150x100 mm

We are Manufacturer of terracotta bricks & materials for green building such as "perforated bricks" suitable for external as well as partition walls. The perforated bricks are extruded under vacuum, made of natural clay and fired at 950° C and hence are almost everlasting. The perforated bricks have many advantages, such as better thermal insulation, acoustic performance, light weight (30%-40% only), better bond, seimatic resistance, fire resistance, high crushing strength, modern appearance, uniform size, colour, texture etc.

Reference Tools

These tools are suitable for standard brick and block on edge construction. Bricky is a simple but highly effective tool that acts as a template to ensure a perfectly uniform bed of mortar is laid between courses of bricks and blocks.

Any workshop can fabricate these simple tools easily.

Following videos showing how to lay perforated bricks and how to use the Tools:
Watch video 1
Watch video 2
Watch video 3
Watch video 4